Thursday, 2 December 2010

Running a Blog is like playing an RPG!

Just received a rather nice email, the message of which I feel I should share! You may have noticed the small blog rankings badge on the right hand side of the blog? Well it looks like PC-Games-And-Reviews is growing as we are climbing up that ranking. Wikio today sent me their new ranking to be applied this weekend.

You know, statistics...

I love them, it's pretty much what I live for. I can't get enough of RPGs, I wish I had the time to play more and more of them. There are certainly plenty to go around and I haven't even played many MMORPGs yet!

But do you know what's like playing an RPG? Well, it's in this post's title which helps, but it's running a blog.

Seriously, forget all of the writing stuff for a second and think about what I'm probably checking most of the time. The visitor statistics, and the worse part is that it's fun. I can't get enough of them and I'm constantly making plans on how I can get higher numbers.

Steve Pavlina would have everyone say that they are doing things for heart rather than for money. And yes I do have a good and noble reason for building up this blog and that's "to help as many independent game creators as possible." Which I think I'm getting better at.

Occasionally on my blogging journey I've come across people who have decided to help. It's kind of like building up my party in a Final Fantasy game. Alistair/Pikey helped write a couple of articles and now he's been almost full time writing and opinionating on the state of games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honour, which is his kind of thing. He is a Level 21 Miliatry Games blogger with additional skills in music game blogging (as we'll see soon!)

Personally I see myself as a Level 21 (this is our level cap for now) RPG and Indie game blogger. With additional free-game blogging abilities.

Am I getting a bit too addicted to this idea?

Anyway, the metaphor even stretches to special items you pick up! Currently we have a few common items and special items.

A common (but useful) item for us would be our facebook page (and I encourage you to like this of course)

A less common item is our Wikio Ranking and it feels great to pick it up! Here is the ranking list I've been talking about:

So only 19th, but that's up 6 place from two weeks ago. We've got a lot of more established sites above us including Cliffski, the Guardian's official gaming site and the top two which have been around for ages.

Not too bad though, so thanks to everyone who's helping us "Level Up!"

Anyone got any similar metaphors between life and gaming? (Sports or driving games are too obvious btw!)

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