Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Steam Christmas Sales! Day One...

As usual, Steam are impressing us all with their fantastic festive deals!

We've been having a look through them and have come up with a few of our personally recommended purchases!

Alistair's Suggestions:
Battlefield Bad Company 2 - £6.80 - For that sort of money, you'll have hours of fun! There's plenty of replay value, and you can even get the Vietnam Expansion for it when you're done (If ever)
Men of War - £6.49 - Great strategy game for the more serious strategist! Can top it up with Red Tide - £9.99 too (Cheaper buying them separately than together though)
The Hitman Collection - £6.99 - If you already have one, or two of them, just buy the other. Personally I liked Blood Money a lot!
The Orange Box - £8.49 - Fantastic value for money! Valve games are expertly made and well worth the money!
The Valve Complete Pack - £24.99 - Again, very good value for money. Contains a lot more than the Orange Box, old and new, so if you're into a bit of legacy gaming (As well as zombie smashing) this is the pack for you!

Andy's Suggestions
Super Meat Boy for £3? Bargain for such a crazy independent title. Not to be ignored!
Fear Collection for £5.72? That's a lot of FPS action for a small cost
Fallout 3 GOTY edition for £13.99? I only own the original FO3 so getting all of the DLC for this price seems super cheap!

Remember guys some of these deals above are only available for a few more hours!However they will be replaced with new deals for tomorrow! How great is christmas these days eh?

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