Monday, 6 December 2010

Steam Treasure Hunt!

The Steam Treasure Hunt has begun!

Basic Rundown:
1. New Objectives every two days (Completing Game Achievements for example)
2. Complete as many of the objectives as you can, aim for 10!
3. Once you've got 10, you're put into a draw to Win 100 Games of Your Own Choice!


1. Complete any single Objective, and get put into a draw to Win the Top 5 Games in your Wishlist!

(Make sure you have 10 Games in your Wish List to be eligible though!)

Also - It's like another mini sale. Fantastic!
Eyes peeled for those bargains guys!

(Full details, Ts&Cs on


  1. I've got 2 entries so far! Hows everyone else doing?

  2. Up to 6 now! Everyone else is just laggin'

  3. I have the full 10 now! Just need to loiter around on the 20th...

    Doubt I'll be lucky enough to win anything though!