Saturday, 11 December 2010

Supermarket Mania 2 Review!

Regular readers will know that I have a slight weakness when it comes to Time-management games, I'll play any that are shoved infront of me. There's just something satisfying about getting the job done. So when I was nicely informed that Supermarket Mania 2 was to be released I responded with glee!

Okay I'm probably pushing this a bit far, I was keen to have a go that's for sure!

The story this time is to help Nikki run her Uncle's new chain of Supermarkets in town, similar to the first game in the series. Her primary job is to keep those shelves stocked! This uses up supplies from her trolley which must be refilled at the store room. Simple? Well yes like any job it would be easy if it wasn't for the customers! They keep buying stuff, which is good but it leaves your shelves depleted!

As well as running around making sure that no one happens upon an empty set of shelves, Nikki must also move the used baskets back to the starting area for new customers and as well as that she needs to keep that floor clean!

There are plenty of additional tasks you can perform that will help earn more money such as keeping a stock of coffees from (surprisingly) the coffee machine around and in some levels keeping up a shelf of fresh baked croissants. These items are not essential for customer happiness and they're somewhat more difficult to keep up with because it requires several trips and clicks on different items but they do make a difference to your score.

At the end of every day's shopping your given a breakdown of how you've done, if you've done everything well and kept your supermarket nice and clean you'll probably get an excellent rating rather than just the pat on the back for doing ok. Before starting the next day however you'll have a chance to use the money from the previous day to start upgrading your supermarket. The upgrades vary from increasing the size of the shelves, increasing the price of items, adding new items like gumball machines and even upgrading the mop bucket to an automatic vacuum (must get myself one of these!)

Aside from normal upgrades however you can also buy special items that can instantly help you during a day. There are three items you can buy, an energy drink that gives you "bullet time" (and in my opinion the most useful item), a plate of cookies to hand out to the customers to keep them happy and finally super cleaning fluid that cleans your floors instantly!

If you're having trouble with a particular level (eg, getting it stocked up as soon as possible) I would suggest using the power drink right at the start of the level to get all your shelves full before all of the customers have arrvied! Worked for me a few times...

So Supermarket Mania 2 is good fun, for a game with a simple concept there's plenty of variety here to keep time management fans happy. The graphics are pretty cute, the music is...well elevatory but that's what you want in a game like this and it's also pretty challenging at times. For gamers on the go this comes highly recommended because of the dip-in-ability (I'm just making up words today) as the levels don't take too long you can just load up, play a level and close down again in just a few minutes. Not that the game is short there's tons of levels to keep you busy here!

You can get Supermarket Mania 2 from either the huge casual games site BigFishGames or from G5 Entertainment's official site

[Score: 73 out of 100]

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