Monday, 27 December 2010

What got you into PC Games?

I'm going to show my age here, and not in the usual way. I'm not going to claim to remember when Asteroids first came out - Before my time! (Figured it out yet? Showing I'm young rather than old... Let's continue)

I was able to turn off a computer, before I was able to talk (Trufax) and I've always been around them while growing up. Of course I'm not going to class a Child's Amega games as my first game, we're keeping it PC here! (Platform wise, not politically! Bo**ocks! See?!)

I played PC games such as Command and Conquer, and Total Annihilation, but I'd never played them online. The first game that I think really got me into the theatre was Hidden and Dangerous 2! I'd played the original, released back in 1999, and was very eager to play the sequel. When it was released though, I was rather disappointed to find there was no coop, so after completing single player, I decided to venture online to extend the playtime a bit more. Well, that was it really! Ever since then I've been into gaming!

I played competitively in Hidden and Dangerous 2 for several years until the game became unplayable due to bugs/glitchers/hacks and moved on to other games such as Battlefield 2. I played these to a very slack competitive level, but never found quite as much enjoyment in them after my 1st game experience being Hidden and Dangerous 2. Nothing's come close to the dynamics of H&D2 - It was a game verging on perfection, but tainted by the bugs! And with no support, it made it pointless to play anymore. Who wants to play with a bunch of rocket spamming speed-hackers?

Not me!

Ever since H&D2 I've played a variety of game genres. RTS, MMORPG, RPG, as many acronyms as you can think of! Remember I posted a while back how much we love 'em here? But, after it all there's still a lead genre that I'll always follow moreso than any other...

The First Person Shooters!

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