Wednesday, 29 December 2010

World of Warcraft - The void that hides in your wallet...

I've played World of Warcraft in my time, and at the time, I enjoyed it. It was a nice time waster for me, I had a group of friends I played with and it was great fun running around completing quests and fighting the Horde! However, as with most games it lost its appeal, but even though it lost its appeal, it was always kind of difficult to break free of it.

I wasn't a WoW Addict (Which is a medical condition now I'll have you know!) but because of all the people I played with, even though the game was stale for me, I still stuck about as a "Social Member" - I'd log in, while doing other things, and use it as a rather expensive Instant Messenger! I'd still take part in stuff, but was never too interested in the concept anymore. I played through until The Burning Crusade came out. Played that, thought it was alright, but it wasn't worth it...

Think about it. You shell out £9 per month to pay for the game. Then they charge you for a little expansion pack? Sounds like you have already paid for it to me! Play it for a year, and you've given them 12x £9 - Which is er... Wait. Let me get my calculator. About 1500G!
However, the sucker I was. I paid it. I played it. Then the old problem set in again. Boredom. I still enjoyed PvP but that was it really. Spent my time getting myself some nice blingy kit, killing some dr00ds and the like! But bloody Arthas had to upset the ride. Again!

Another expansion? After I'd just spent all that time playing the original, and then the Burning Crusade. Well. That was the finisher for me. I stopped playing and happily kept that money I saved per month to buy new games, rather than playing the same one! The Lich King can feel the Wrath of my lack of money! Right right right. I'd escaped it. My wallet was feeling healthy again!

Now... a 3rd paid expansion? Hm... Can see you're really milking it now (As if you hadn't been already) - I've never played Cataclysm, that's a necessary point to make, however, from reading about it I've come to the conclusion that it isn't that much of a worthy addition to the franchise. And it's £25!

World of Warcraft has been The MMORPG that set the bar. But it fails to raise it. They're sitting on a Cash Cow - Raking in a phenomenal amount of money! Around $160 million a month! (I would have put a tilda rather than "Around", but this bloody Mac doesn't have a tilda key! Oh wait, I found it -> ~)

They've become a bit of a Monopoly. The game has such a massive following, no other MMORPG can really compete. Due to captivating their audience, they can abuse their position (Such as releasing overpriced expansion packs)
Commercially they're onto a winner. An addicted audience, giving a nice cash flow, sitting in a market dominating position. But it doesn't lead to a happy gamer...

As much as I'd like more people to rub their eyes and come to the reality that they're not getting anywhere near as much enjoyment out of how much money they're paying out. I'll be massively overshadowed by the diehard fanbase it has...

3.3 Million Sales on Day 1 of Cataclysm...

Not only do they have you hooked... they've got a hook in your wallet too. But let's play along with the World of Warcraft Aesthetic! Let's make it sound nice! Let's refer to is as the The Dark Void of Infinite Indemnification!

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  1. You damn near mirrored my experience with the game. I was mostly a solo player, so the begin game was great. Then you hit your 30s and 40s and it takes at least several hours to do something substantial. THEN you have to plan game time in advance, a week ahead or more, to raid a dungeon for a chance at a couple good items to split between double digit players, and this can take 4 hours to do. WHAT!? That's a damn job, not a game. It is a beautifully designed time sink for sure though, from the art style to the gameplay.

    I hear that leveling up is now a cake walk.