Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Zuma Blitz - now we know who's best!

I have this terrible habbit of forgetting what I'm supposed to be reviewing and jumping head on into other games. Okay it's not really a habit, I just need a bit of a change and that's probably why I spent last night demonstrating to my facebook friends just how awesome I am at popcap games.

Specifically Zuma Blitz which came out recently and is a strange competetive version of their classic puzzler. I've never been the biggest fan of this game genre but there's something strangely satisfying about beating everyone else I know (who plays this) on facebook...

To those that have never given this a go, the idea is to fire marbles from the frog's mouth and if it hits the chain of marbles that's snaking around the track it slots itself into that chain. If by doing so it creates (or adds to) a chain of 3 of the same colour then they explode and give you points as well as slowing the chain down a bit. If the chain reaches the end point of the track then it's game over.

Aparantely there will be different levels each week, which should keep it vaguely interesting. Seeing how you compare to your mates is pretty fun but I was under the impression there were larger scale leaderboards somewhere...not seen those anywhere yet.

Of course being my cynical self I can't help but ask "Where's the money?" Because hardly anything gets released on facebook these days without some kind of micro-transactional system. And this is no different, you can buy "mojo" that give you powers earlier than if you played through the game for a long time, refil your lives - now wait a sec...

That's an interesting one the "lives" bit because each time you play you lose. Every time so far for me, not sure if there's a way to avoid this or if there's a threshold of score that means you win, but every time you do lose a life is taken away. You have 5 of these to start with and they regenerate which I believe is one life every 6 minutes....

So if you've lost all your lives you can pay to play more. Hmmmm...

On the other hand if you're just after a blast you really don't have to pay anything at all. I have to keep reminding myself that companies asking for money isn't necessarily evil (but sometimes it's a tough distinction) and this is from the company that brought us the wonderful Plants Vs Zombies (to which I add: "where is sequel?")

Some tips on zuma btw:

1 - Always keep firing
2 - Don't be afraid to lose a ball if you can't use it (fire it away from the chains) and then you'll probably get one that you need!
3 - Keep an eye out for the chains that have powerups, in the case of Zuma Blitz especially the score multipliers!

Anyway, you can Give Zuma Blitz a go on facebook here.

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