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Back to the wasteland! Fallout New Vegas Tips and Tricks

After well over 30 hours of wandering around this fast area I feel I am able to bestow some essential (or at least helpful) advice upon those of you who have just aquired Fallour New Vegas.

Get your boots on
Fallout New Vegas really is vast. It's huge. Massive infact! Really really big and the bad news is that you'll have to visit each location at least once by walking there before you're able to fast travel. That's a lot of walking but I recommend you stick to the story, at least to start with anyway. It's because if you wonder into the wrong area for somewhere you've heard about or want to visit straight off the bad you'll run straight into laser gattling cannons, cloaked super mutants or crazy tribe people with scary spears.

Sticking to the main storyline until you go beyond the doors to the vegas strip is my tip of the day. By then you'll have uncovered (in a kind of u-shape) a large number of areas that you'll be able to fast travel to and reach nearby locations that you have not yet discovered.

Whats in here then?
Did you know you can look inside restricted containers (eg, highlighted in red to indicate they belong to someone else) without bein told off? Just as long as you don't take anything...

Specialize, don't balance...ize...
Probably the best initial advice I could give anyone who is about to play or has just started is to not try to balance each and every skill out. I always have an urge to level up everything equally at once, the problem being that even early on some tasks require that you have a skill of 20+ to complete (say, to hack some computers)

Choose your weapon!
Again make sure you specialize in one weapon area early on. Many people choose to have a high melee weapon skill near the beginning of these games because there's no ammo involved and a higher chance to hit. Energy weapons probably isn't a great idea for a first weapon choice because of the lack of these lying around to start with. However choosing the standard gun skill isn't a problem because very shortly after starting you'll be handed a fairly decent rifle to get going with.

Keep it clean...
Keep your equipment and weapons in tip-top condition, you'll be thankful you did. Look out for weapons of the same type out in the field. You can use those to improve the condition of your existing weapon by pressing R when it is selected in the inventory screen. Try to keep the condition above the marker for best performance.

Keep it mean...
Look out for weapon mods! Not sure if they're new for this game (I don't remember seeing them but...) These come in the shape of scopes, frames, clips and all sorts that will help enhance your existing weapons. There are quite a few for the energy weapons available so keep an eye out. To attach a mod highlight it in the inventory and press the X key,

Vats != Cheating
Think of VATS as a tool instead. If you've not tried VATS then you really should give it a go. Basically when the enemy is nearby you can utilise your AP (Action Points...or Ability Points...or whatever) and perform a series of automatic actions in quick succession, usually involving aiming for certain enemy body parts. The AI then takes over your character for a very short time and performs these actions. Fun!

Recommended Skills
Aside from picking at least one weapon type to specialise in there are a few I would personally recommend, depending on how you want to play the game. I'm not much of a "hid in the shadows before striking" kind of chap, I far prefer to use the environment to my advantage. There are a shed load of computers in the wasteland, all ticking away still while controlling all of those little (or large) processes that are so important. Therefore I would definitely suggest keeping a high Science skill going as there are so many advantages.

The other skill that I believe is a must is Speech, with so many dialogue options it's very frustrating to see the ones you could use if your speech was of a high enough level. It can save a lot of fighting and earns you even more experience.

The last skill I would recommend would be the Barter skill. Making money in the wasteland is quite tricky and at one point it will help to have 2000 caps on you (hopefully that wasn't too spoilerish.) Plus in the early stages of the game you will probably need to buy stimpacks and doctors bags on a regular basis, so get selling!

This'll Perk you up...
The best perk in the entire game (I reckon) is the strong back perk. It allows you to carry more items which means you have more to sell and can carry more guns.Otherwise these are where you can have a bit of fun with the game and would recommend any of them (although I would suggest in particular you consider the swift learner perk...)

Battle Buddies (Spoilers)
On the subject of companions there was only ever one for me. The choice however is, do you choose a companion who has skills that fill in the gaps of yours (eg, if you've concentrated on weapons and lockpicking you may want a companion who helps with science and medicine.)

My problem is I get very attached to non-player characters who have more character than most real people and I also usually settle with whomever I happen across first. In this case it was the lovely Veronnica and her power fist (literally) that first offered to join me on my journey. A member of the Brootherhood of Steel and tough as nails, perfect if you need to do some close up damage to the enemy, which I happily did.

Finally, don't get bitten by RADs
RADs, your radiation level is very important. Get too irradiated and you'll suffer the consequences. Make sure you look out for some rad-x and rad-away as soon as possible just incase you step in the wrong direction and fall down a well full of radiation (not that I've known this happen in FO:NV yet...)

You can get cured of Radiation poisoning from any doctor...for a price...but it's worth it!

And So...
I hope that helps people, if there's anything I've missed out that you'd like me to cover (or think I should have), just bung a comment below!

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