Friday, 14 January 2011

DEFCON: Everybody Dies

What a happy title!

DEFCON is a strategy game based on the inevitability of Nuclear War breaking out on a global scale. Your job is to defend your own nation, while waging war on those who attacked you!

The game starts very simply. You have your nation (Usually a large continent sized area), and you're in peacetime. I bet there are buttercups and daisies growing outside too! How lovely!
However, war is going to ensue soon, so you need to place your units, much like on a chess board. You throw down your Radar stations - These detect missile launches and let you know where they are! In synergy with your Radar Stations you deploy your Silos. They act as anti-missile bunkers, as well as Nuclear Launch Platforms! The 3rd and final land based structure are your air bases. These can be used as defense or attack, whichever you deem necessary!

Oh, and while you're at it, get some fleets on the go, a pack of submarines should instill fear in your enemies! Especially when they're armed to the teeth! I'd like Sean Connery to captain mine, although if he didn't defect, that'd be a bonus!

Soon enough, the missiles start flying left right and centre! Your planned tactics have gone out of the window! Who knew that Mr. Nasty Russki was going to launch from there!? You'll have to change your silos from attack to defense! And get those fighters out to protect your Radar Stations!

The game has a fantastic mix of planned tactics, and on the fly decisions. Playing against the AI can be a bit dull, but playing against other players is always interesting. No two fights are ever the same! You can build alliances to better wipe out your enemy, but be weary of who your opponent is friends with. Who knows, they may just have a fleet waiting to take you out while your back is turned...

This game is one for the strategists completely! If you're not one of those types, you'll find the game good fun for a while, but you may soon get tired of it and look for something a bit more shiny and different.

DEFCON feels a bit like a digital board game. But a bloody good one that has Nukes in it! The genius is in the simplicity of the design, but the variety of tactics that can be used. The looks themselves are pretty neat too. Very simple, but still has that cool "techy" look we all associate with anything military. The eerie glow of a nuclear impact gives some twisted satisfaction, followed by the white text that indicates the devastation you caused.

Have a crack at the First Strike tactic and see where it leads you to - I doubt it will be a happy end... Because of course, Everybody dies.


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  1. ...Detroit deserved that Nuking - Just so you know