Tuesday, 25 January 2011

EA Games - Thoughts. Twitter Style!

I've never understood Twitter at all. I've been told I'm essentially a cave dweller for missing out on it's fantastic in-built stalking facilities of any celeb/person/neighbour's dog you please. Apparently we all love a good stalk!
Another thing is the character limit! How is 140 characters enough to depict your thoughts, or even a meaningful comment or remark? I'm not quite sure. Let's give it a go though!

We'll use some of EA's releases coming this year then (Not all of them, because some sub-par, but that's beside the point):

Crysis 2: Super-soldier tearing through New York. Gadgets at your fingertips + impressive cinematics. Hopefully improved MP from orig.

Darkspore: Alien RPG. SP and Coop. Looks indie-esque. Download only. Should be one to watch, looks fun!

Deadspace 2: Alien horror sequel, mutilate as you please! Hot pick of this year, although a bit samey as original? Another to watch!

Battlefield Play4Free: Looks like a reskinned BF2. Most likely outdated and behind the time, but it is free. Worth a try maybe! Ultimate budget fps. Free!

Portal 2 (Distributed by EA): Epic Epic Epic! Portal slinging fun! Definitely a contender for Game of the Year 2011! We can't wait for this! GLaDOS? Oh yes...

Dragon Age 2: Massively successful RPG comes again! Looking bigger, better and badasser! For all you wannabe grey wardens, this is a definite buy!

Yeh - It didn't work at all did it? Although maybe it's a good method of writing for people with short attention spa... Oh..? Yes. Short attention spans. Now... what's next on the To-do list Andy!?

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