Thursday, 13 January 2011

Full of meaty goodness! Super Meat Boy!

Something I was able to get my hands on before my Honeymoon was Super Meat Boy.

And pretty super it is too!

This is something I'd describe as a skill based platformer game. So basically you're only limited by your own platform gaming skill which, to be honest, doesn't really suit me much but I can certainly appreciate it.

So far after quite a few levels I've not come across any "pixel perfect" jumps required, and it doesn't have the same ambience as, say, Cave Story. But it does have quite a few features that make it worth considering.

The flash-like animations that play throughout the game are fantastically put together and made me laugh almost constantly. For a marshmallow shaped character meat boy doesn't half show some emotion through the game, however happy or sad it was always hillarious.

Musically I felt like I was back in the 90's of PC Gaming! Which is a good thing! Although I couldn't find the credits for the composer so no idea who wrote it specifically (if anyone knows please let me know!)

But my favourite feature has to be the replay of a level once you've completed it. All of your previous attempts during that session are played at the same time which causes it to look as if an army of super meat boys are trying to complete the level. Probably one of the funniest thing to watch in a platform game ever and kept reminding me of Albert Einsteins definition of insanity...

I did have one particular gripe with the game (as you'd expect!) And for a PC conversion (I assume this was made for the Xbox first) it has a fairly large flaw: Re-Definable Keys which is an option that's completely missing. You have to stick to their key combination or stick in an x-box controller if you have one. I don't and when you have to start using the run key for longer jumps I would have prefered to redefine the run and jump keys so they were closer together.

Aside from that though this is a super fun romp. When you get it right it really feels right and the design of the level you've been cursing for minutes certainly becomes the best designed level you've played so far! It's not perfect and I could only play a few levels at a time, but that feels like the idea too, you can dip in and out (which is a nasty image considering the name) and just play a couple of levels when you're waiting for something to download or whatever..

So hats off to anyone who can make a bloody lump of meat look cute! If you're not looking for a story much and want something where a little practice makes perfect then you can't go wrong with SMB.

I felt the full price of £12 was a bit much, but I would certainly keep an eye open for when it's in the sales...


Click here to visit the steam page for Super Meat Boy!


  1. buttonmap.cfg in the install directory allows reconfigurable controls...research:)

  2. Oho! Thanks for that!

    Bit naff that it's not an option though, the vast majority of players (who are bothered by the controls) would probably just sit there and be frustrated rather than go and look for a me :P