Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Games To Buy in 2011 : Andy's Thoughts

Oh blimey this is going to be an awesome year for games. Specifically I'm looking forward to 4 big titles, can you guess what they are? (Hint don't look at the tags, it gives it away!)

Firstly I can't wait for Kerebos and Paradox to give us Sword Of The Stars 2. My mates and I have waited for this for some time and we all own the previous game and all of it's DLC which is quite unusual for us!

The new ships look fantastic from the trailer and we just can't wait to see what will come from the new design and new tech trees! Release Date: Quarter 3 2011

Next up is Deus Ex: Human Revolution for me. The horrific disappointment that was the second game many years ago has still not put me off the series and every couple of years I'll play the original just to remind myself what an absolutely awesome game it was.

This new entry into the series looks like it could be a winner and has a much darker, less dumbed-down look to it. They really seem to have understood what the original gave us, except for perhaps the music of Alexander Brandon (I'll give up on that idea one day) and I have the highest of high hopes that even being a prequel it will still be one of the most awesome games released this year. Release Date: February 2011

Third is the game I think everyone is (or should be!) waiting for this year: Portal 2! At least it's the only game we can probably agree up on in the PCGR offices!

After the unforgettable original back in 2007 (blimey was it really that long ago?!) We've all hoped that a sequel to the portal spewing, fast moving, thinking man's FPS game would soon be upon us. Unfortunately we had to wait for two zombie games before that happened. *Sigh*

Anyway, now it is almost time, only a few short months to wait, providing there are no more temporal shifts in Valve-Time. Release Date: 18 April 2011

Finally the game I'm probably waiting for above all else (because I'm such a fan boy) - the recently revealed Mass Effect 3 from Bioware.

It was this time last year I was only a few weeks away from playing ME2 and I was watching the awesome trailer daily (oh yes, that's how badly I'm in love with this game series) and I was not disappointed, which is refreshing these days!

I've played it more than twice through now and every second is still amazing, so the prospect of the end of the trilogy arriving at the end of the year is super exciting. Release Date: Christmas 2011

And just to finish this post off here's the reveal trailer for ME3 released near the end of last year. But before I go, let me ask: what games are you waiting for this year?

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