Monday, 17 January 2011

M-m-m-monster Kindom! Majesty 2: Monster Kindom DLC thoughts!

It's time once again to don the crown of fiscal freedom and attempt to bribe your way back into the hearts of your "loyal" subjects!

Majesty 2 returns with what I believe is their final DLC Pack: Monster Kindom!

The premise this time around is that you've been usurped! Stripped of your crown and power, which isn't a good start to any day. However your forever-loyal royal advisor managed to forsee these events and whisked you away to safety before you were forcably removed from the throne.

His now questionable judgment has left you to ally with the very creatures you've been battling against to keep hold of your kingdom. What a turn around eh?

In comparison to the other DLC packs that have been released for Majesty 2, this feels far more complete and accessible. The reason being that while the previous packs contained all of the previous units and their upgrades being available from the get-go this time you're starting with new units of different capabilities and strengths.

Monsters troops feel quite a bit weaker to start with than their humanoid counter-parts (although this is just from my memory, no real comparisons were done!) However you can have 4 spearmen to their building rather than the usual limit of 3 which I guess is to compensate for them being slightly less hardy.

Other buildings and their content have also been changed. The market is now a bazar (bizzare?) and provides more exotic versions (although they do seem to be almost exact equivilents) of the health potion, protective amulet, etc... that were previously available. The same goes for the blacksmith with it's more ragged version of weapon upgrades, however all buildings look very different and far!

Story wise it was quite fun listening to the royal adviser again, who has stuck with the role since the creation of Majesty 2. Especially his obvious worry about the new alliance with goblins and rat people. His constant re-assurances that everything will be alright in the end, even though he sounded less sure of it as the game progressed, kept me chuckling away.

So, perhaps you've enjoyed Majesty 2 but not been tempted by any of the DLC so far? In which case this would be the one to get. It's just as challenging as the others but has a far more interesting premise and a shed load of new units in comparison to the previous add-ons.

Finally here's the release trailer:

Majesty 2 Monster Kingdom can be purchased from loads of places, like GamersGate (clicky) at the time of writing it's £10 (well, £9.99)

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