Saturday, 8 January 2011

My Honeymoon In New York

Howdy Folks!

For those that don't know I've been away for two weeks in America. New York to be specific, on a late Honeymoon with my wife.

Firstly big thanks to Alistair for keeping things running while I've been away, but despite a cold and various real life stuff cropping up I'm back to continue my usual colossal output.

Before I get stuck in however I wanted to share quite a touching experience that happened during the last two weeks.

We visited the Nintendo store on several occasions, it always seemed to be en route to wherever we were going! On one of our final visits a large television was on downstairs which had previously been turned off the last few times we had been. Mario was displayed on the television and a small group of young lads (probably just over 10 years old) were stood infront of it.

It didn't take us long to realise that Mario was responding precisely to the young lads and was having a conversation about what their favourite Mario games where. The setup was great because the mario onscreen moved around and was lip-synched to whoever was controlling him backstage. The kids were completely spellbound by it and it was really nice to see.

Otherwise I did pop into a Gamestop (?) which was completely like a GameStation shop over here which was a little disapointing. Obviously there was no point in buying anything because it wouldn't work on my PC, plus I missed most of the Steam Sales (grr) but it was certainly an experience.

Oh and Hi Craig! Thanks for reading :)

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