Thursday, 27 January 2011

Picaroon Out Now!

Oops, it's been out for a while. Since the 7th of Jan thie year to be precise! Bad Andy, Bad!

Anyway, free-to-play, rts, mmo and all those words that mean you can hurt your friends in a virtual world without any visible bruising!

(nice trailer after the jump)

I had a go at Picaroon a while ago and if I didn't have loads of other games to play constantly it's something I would have poured plenty of time into. As the trailer below shows, you start with an island and build it up til you can produce ships, send those ships out (remember to build some defenses) and colonise other island or conquer enemy islands.

There's plenty of intracies such as alliances and supply lines and so on to get your teeth into so why not give it a go!

Check out my thoughts when I gave away some beta keys for an earlier version

And here's the trailer:

Picaroon can be downloaded from the official site  - click here!

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