Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Valve Time - Like Hammer Time. But not

Definition: The date/time set by Valve for a release. However, the actual time is usually significantly longer.

Whenever a release date is announced, and given a date, this date is subject to Valve Time. This means that the game/update may not be released for a variable amount of time.

It could be Release Date +3 hours
Coming tomorrow at 11 AM -> Coming tomorrow at 2PM
(Referring to a Team Fortress 2 Update)

Or. In more extreme cases
Every 3 months -> Every few years
(Referring to the Half Life 2 Episodes)

Valve Time has become a bit of a meme now. It's even self-referred to by the development team; there's a list of examples of Valve Time here on the official Valve Developer Community Wiki.
I think it shows a company's run by humans rather than machines when they can poke fun at themselves, personally. Doubt you'd see many other developers accepting that they miss their deadlines every so often, and putting a bit of humour into the mix when talking about it either.

However, Valve Time has struck again!
You'll all be very sad to hear that Portal 2 has been pushed back a bit further! It was said to be released in February/March time, but it's now been put back to April 21st!

Looks great doesn't it! Hope Valve Time fails to shift any further. Sure it's worth waiting for. But it's like dangling meat in front of a hungry puppy, then moving it away. Or some similar analogy, but referring to digital jumble...

Oh, and by the way. Where's Episode 3? (don't push it! we're lucky not to get another zombie game! -andy)

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