Thursday, 3 February 2011

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution - Wot?

Wot indeed. Warning, Ranty post ahead!

I recently had a few people ask me what I thought about this upcoming game from Relic on the back of their Open Beta invitation to anyone who's pre-ordered the game.

Dawn of War 2: Retribution is the next in a line of Real Time Strategy titles that Relic have created featuring squad based control (as opposed to the traditional single unit control method used in most other RTS titles.)

Unfortunately I'll not be participating in the beta because I'm as likely to buy DOW2:Retribution as I am to call up Warren Spector and tell him "Hey, I'm really glad you put universal ammo into Deus Ex 2. That was great work."
Let's not beat around the bush, my reasons for not pre-ordering are threefold...

Firstly, and I'm sure many of you are aware of this, there are 5 bloomin games and not just one! Since I couldn't possibly afford all 5 and without playing all of the campaigns it would be a bit silly to try and write an informative review (after all I'd want to at least recommend one of the versions, or at least complain that they're all the same!) I was wrong.

Secondly each title costs £29.99 - full price! Full Price! And I never, ever buy anything for full price being a bit of a cheapskate bargain hunter. So if you wanted all 5 flavours of the game (can you play any race in multiplayer? Not sure...) you're looking at £150 for the full set. That's more costly than a real W40k army in miniature form, and we all know how much that costs...  Wrong again...

This lovely Space wolves battleforce can be yours for £52 for example. Not that I would ever collect these myself...never *ahem*

Finally, based on past performance I've never been completely satisfied with any relic game I've ever bought. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Dawn of War 2 but not as much as the original game. Plus I've always been frustrated by their pricing structure and the way they go about releasing new races to play. If you've brought all of their W40K games as soon as they've come out, boy you've spent a lot of cash there.

Of course I have no idea if Retribution would be worth it to any of you individually at the starting price. I'm assuming that pre-orders are going well (they are advertising on steam after all.) For me though I'll be waiting til these are reduced, or come in some kind of all-in-one pack for the same cost as each. I just can't believe that each game will be worth full price for me...


  1. Um, might want to read up a bit rather than jumping to conclusions.

    There is ONE game. It comes with six different pre-order packs, but each one contains the complete game, all races playable in campaign and multiplayer. They're pre-order packs mate, you don't need them all (and if you want them all, buy the Collector's Edition).

    All you get in the "race packs" is a little bit of extra wargear for the campaign, for the race you chose. At no extra cost.

    So, there's two of your three reasons down.

    Your third argument is probably too subjective to really do anything about

    Do keep in mind that Relic usually ships stand-alone expansions, which means you don't need to purchase the previous product to play them..but if you did, you get more multiplayer races to choose from.

    Contrast that with the "standard" expansion model, where you MUST have purchased the original product to play the expansion. Same price, but you have no or don't play the expansion AT ALL.

    With the Relic method, you can just buy the expansion and get all the campaign and if all you want are the expansion races for multiplayer, you don't need to buy the original.

  2. Wow, that's put me in my place I guess...

    Or has it...?

    Well yes actually it has! Quite rightly I should have done a bit more research rather than believe what I was told! I've made amendments to the article and you can consider me well and truly told off!

    However I feel I should defend myself a little, I still get stick for my original review mark of DOW2 but I simply didn't enjoy it as much as the original. It never had the "epic" feeling that the first game did for me, possibly because the scale of the battles was reduced. All I can say is although my friends and I own all of DOW so far we only ever seem to play DOW1 (Dark Crusade.)

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. You should see some of that more epic scope coming back in Retribution's campaign. Think of Retribution like it was the Dark Crusade of the DoW2 series.

  4. If I'm wrong I'll create a personalised "I'm sorry" card to Relic...

    But I didn't enjoy multiplayer in DOW2 and I don't think I will in Dark Crusade. I enjoyed Winter Assault more than DOW2 (especially when the chaplain chops off the head of the deamon in the SP story...)

    Anyway I digress, if I can get it for a decent price (£30 is still too much in my opinion) then I will and I'll write up the most honest review I can (if you can believe that!)

  5. Unfortunately the franchise is getting played out.

    I would be much more into it if the "COR BLIMEY" orks didn't play such a pivotal role. That stuff wasn't funny in 1987...

  6. need help how do i start steam to play war hammer 40k II retribution on pc

  7. Anon - steam can be downloaded from the official site

    When this is installed it acts a little like a web browser and contains several main pages that you can view. The first of which is the Store and in the top right of the store is a search box.

    If you type in dawn of war into this box and press enter you should be able to see the game in the list of search results. Click on the title to view the details for that game. On the right hand side of the page then should be a button to buy the game. Hopefully the rest should be straightforward!