Saturday, 2 March 2013

Kicking it - Kickstarters to watch in March 2013

Oh Kickstarter, how you've suddenly become a thing while I've been away.

I'm still not entirely sure what to think of the whole crowd funding thing, it all seems very open to abuse and far too influenced by emotion rather than careful consideration of the projects being offered.

However I certainly had an obsessive stretch of backing nearly anything I thought looked remotely good. So far I've backed 25 projects in total but I know I'm nowhere near the biggest philanthropists on there.

I'll probably be posting far more on this subject in future but for now I wanted to share some of the projects I'm considering backing this week (mostly PC game related)

*** Disclaimer *** These are not backing recommendations, instead they are just a list of Kickstarter projects that have caught my attention.


Dreamfall Chapters

While I'm finding the updates a bit spammy (I'm sure it helps get more backers) this game, the continuation of the Dreamfall series, really has me intrigued.

It looks great already and I'm planning to have a good play of the earlier games soon (I own at least one of them on Steam). I hear great things about the story so I really hope they don't disappoint

There Came An Echo

"Wheeeaaaton!" That is to say, Wil Wheaton of Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and The Guild fame is the star of this voice-controlled strategy game by Iridium software. Iridium really surprised me with the quite excellent Sequence last year (or was it the year before?) So I'm thrilled to see them making something even more ambitious.

With regards to the music I hate to say that I'm not a fan of Ronald Jenkees (don't hurt me!) But I do have several of Jimmy Hinson's BandCamp album releases, so that kind of balances out for me. I think this is an awesome project and don't doubt for a second that they'll hit their $90k target.

Game Tank

This is one of those "Dude, have you seen this?" Kind of projects. It's basically a large box with a comfy chair in where you can play your games in peace. Not sure how relevant it is to us PC gamers but I can see how this might work for some kind of "capsule hotel" equivalent for gaming cafes. Anyway, take a look:

I doubt I'll be backing that one, but I like it because it's crazy!

Got a kickstarter you're running? Or know of one I should talk about? Drop me a line about it! :)

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