About Us

PC Games and Reviews is a blog (and support site) dedicated to bringing you information and opinions on the latest PC games.

We're not trained or experienced writers, we're gamers. We play games and write what we like about them, it's as simples as that!

Currently there are two of us updating the blog:

Andy (AK-Freddie) Yates
Andy is a programmer from Gloucestershire in the UK (that's far west of London for non UK peeps.)  He plays and creates games in his spare time which wouldn't leave much for any other hobbies if he had some!

Fun fact #1: Andy thought his childhood pet, a rabbit named Scamper, was still alive until recently when his brother explained that their parent's explanation of "He ran away" actually meant "ate by foxes." He was most upset.

Fun fact #2: Andy once cooked a fray bentos pie and forgot to take the lid off first (this is real and not based on a joke from a sitcom.) The tin was spherical when it emerged from the oven. However being himself decided that "my pie is in there..." and attempted to it with a can opener. What followed can only be described as a "meaty Catherine Wheel" - don't try this at home kids!

Alistair (Pikey) White
Alistair is a student from Liverpool in the UK. He likes Guns, military computer games and waffles.

Fun fact #1: Alistair learnt how to strafe before he could walk.

Fun fact #2: Alistair owns more guns than hard drives.